How a Good Sign Can Attract Customer’s Attention

When it comes to signs, sometimes, less is more. If you’re planning on catching people’s eye, a well-designed sign can be your best ally.

Create Attractive Signs and Draw Your Audience In

One of the truths of the marketing world is that reliable signs and great graphics are one of the most effective tools when trying to grab people’s attention. It’s tricky, though, because once you get them to notice your sign, there’s no much time to persuade them to stay with you before they look away. Grasping the concept of good sign design is essential if you want to achieve the best results. Here are three tips to create successful signs:

Be Mindful of Contrast and Legibility

When you can’t tell the difference between foreground elements and the background, you’re in trouble. Both should be able to coexist in harmony to draw people in. This will also increase legibility, meaning that potential customers will be able to understand your content and keep it in their minds for longer.

Don’t Go Too Crazy with Font Style and Size

It’s preferable to stick with just two fonts per design, more than that is overkill. Using a larger font and bold lettering will make it easier to read.

Color Contrast in Sign Design

Compelling color is one of the most important elements of design

Choose Captivating Colors

This might be the most important part of developing a good sign: color choices. Color trends come and go all the time, and it can be tempting to follow along, but just like everything else, color trends go out of style. You don’t want to be stuck with colors that don’t represent your brand’s personality. Make sure to stay true to your brand’s style and, at the same time, choose colors that allow creating good contrast in the design for all elements to be cohesive.

“Studies have shown that 80 percent of the recognition of a trademark is due to its color”

Source: Entrepreneur

Top of the Line Sign Design for Your Business Needs

At Advance Signs & Graphics, we have the tools in place to achieve the look you desire or the image or message you want to convey, paired with a great variety of signs to fit your business needs. Great signage can be the support that your marketing strategy needs, and it can also give you an advantage over the competition.

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